Tebuho Mulala Foundation- is a Christian faith based foundation, not for profit making but for development and relief working to help vulnerable, orphans, widows and aged to know Christ and be empowered in life-serving skills so that they can be self-reliant.

Tebuho Mulala Foundation was formed in late 2008 working to help vulnerable orphans, widows and aged in Zambian communities to achive lasting solutions to the effects of absolute poverty. The foundation has a catchment radius extending from urban to rural areas of Zambia. The programmes range from:

  • Education for vulnerable orphans.
  • Empowerment projects for vulnerable widows and aged.
  • Fostering of vulnerable orphans, aged and widows in our foster homes.


The Head Office for Tebuho Mulala Foundation are Situated at Stage 2 ,Mulonga ,About 2 Km From Mazabuka main town center .